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WAKEMADE custom suite

What you pour into your business defines it. And we're starting with a blank canvas. Using your brand identity like paint, we create templates to capture your spirit, express your mission, and make your business a total standout.


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CUSTOM websites

Custom Websites

Power Nap

Landing Page

Capture visitor information and convert them to customers using lead magnets – offer discounts, e-books, consultations and more.


Coffee + Cream 

1-Page Custom Website

Most popular for businesses craving simple site navigation for their visitors – a streamlined, impactful website organized on a single page.


Time to Shine

2 to 4-Page Custom Website

More pages means more possibilities. Centralize info to focus visitor's attention, display galleries of work, or streamline service listings.


Seize the Day

5 to 10-Pages / eCommerce

A powerful website not only looks good and brings visitors, but creates customers and sells with absolute confidence.

Image by Kseniya Lapteva




Your Custom Logo

Learn more about how we can design a high quality, attention-grabbing logo for your brand.

CUSTOM social media

Custom Social Media

Wake + Shake

12 Instagram Templates

Captivate followers with a curated feed of refreshing visual impact or post engaging double-tap-worthy content. We design 100% for you.



Hello Sunshine

12 Highlight Covers

Unify your feed with highlight covers unique to you and your business. From platform to platform these gems keep your brand on point.



Bed All Day

12 Pinterest Templates

There's nothing better than Pinterest in bed all day. From ads to fun new content, let's showcase your business, products, and services.



Total Dream

Social Media Bundle

It's a dream come true – every social media templates branded for the highest conversion. We're even including 12 Story Covers!


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