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Tejvi Holdings

Franchise Group

Spanning the east coast with 40+ franchises, Tevji Holdings is only going up from here. This design pairs down-to-earth personality with elevated professionalism.


Custom Wix Website

+ Location Listing Application

+ Custom eNewsletter Templates

+ Additional Pages



Custom Website for Franchise Group

Mobile Optimized

Custom Website for Franchise Group

Fine Details

It's the little things that count. In this instance, a thin frame – at times with the brand's TH – is echoed throughout the site for design cohesion and decorative purposes.

Under One Umbrella

Showcasing your portfolio is a great way to demonstrate your growth – whether you are housing multiple franchises, makeup brands, or visual works.

Custom Website for Franchise Group

Location App Add-On

Wix Apps has many useful applications to help build your ideal website. Pin business locations, favorite travel spots, and more to share with your site visitors.

Custom Website for Franchise Group
Custom Website for Franchise Group

Linked & Loaded

We all have platforms we prefer for certain tasks – from automations to payment processing. At WakeMade, we aim to have your visitors landing in the correct destination.

Custom Website for Franchise Group

Flexible Forms

We design forms to capture the information you need. Wix has its limits though! Upgrade to Wix Ascend and unlock a sea of tools like unlimited form fields, uploads, and more.

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