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Welcome to WakeMade

WakeMade Designs Logo
WakeMade Designs Logo
The Mission

To provide our clients with a strong online presence through compelling visual branding, engaging content templates, and high-performance websites by utilizing design savvy, as well as platform and industry expertise.

What We Do

Top-notch design is our specialty. We believe our clients deserve a heightened level of online success, whether it's engaging with followers on social media or capturing new clients on their website.  Not everyone has the eye or dedicated time to build a website or branded social posts. We eliminate that stress so the focus is on the content itself. Choose WakeMade, but only if you want ease, organization, creative design, and extra encouragement for you to excel.

Behind the Desk

Calvin Wake, based in the DC Metro Region, created WakeMade Designs in 2020 with the goal of helping solopreneurs and small businesses elevate their online presence. From templates to custom designs, Calvin has served hundreds of customers with his design work and expertise. 

Calvin especially loves working with artist and entertainers, as he himself is a Fine & Performing Artist. With several credits as Singer/Dancer/Actor, his most notable is 5+ years with Carnival Cruise Lines. 

Fun Facts – Very Virgo (can you say organized?), World Traveler (Japan is a forever favorite), and Concert-Goer (20+ concerts and counting). Ultimately, Calvin's true love is waking up everyday to create beauty – whether music and style, to art and design – and put it out in the world.

Wix Partner

WakeMade Designs
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Calvin "Wake" Register, Jr., Owner + Designer

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