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Hello + Welcome to WakeMade!

WakeMade Designs Logo
WakeMade Designs Logo
OUR mission

To provide our clients with a strong online presence through compelling visual branding, engaging content templates, and high-performance websites by utilizing design savvy, as well as platform and industry expertise.

WHAT we do

We design simple, easy-to-edit templates. We want our clients to achieve a heightened level of online success, whether it's engaging with followers on social media or capturing new clients on their website.  Not everyone has the eye or the time to dedicate to building a beautiful website or branded social posts. We're here to eliminate that stress so the focus is on the content itself. Choose WakeMade, but only if you want ease, organization, creative design, and extra encouragement for you to excel.

Our templates are proudly made with:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
–Steve Jobs

Calvin Wake, Owner of WakeMade Designs

Calvin "Wake" Register, Jr., Owner + Designer

Wix Partner

WakeMade Designs
Official Wix Partner

BEHIND the desk

Calvin "Wake" Register, Jr. is based in the DC Metro Region. Growing up as a military brat, he found his passion for the arts at the age of 7. He attended a Fine & Performing Arts high school with a focus in 2D works, becoming a Freelance Graphic Designer after he graduated. While designing for clients he also attended college, performed professionally as a Singer/Dancer/Actor, and waited many-a-table. Calvin began working with non-profit, Lorton Arts Foundation in 2009. He shifted his focus in 2016 to take his onstage career to the next level, fronting live bands on ships across Carnival Cruise Line fleet. With an undying love for the visual and digital works, Calvin created WakeMade Designs in 2020 to help businesses establish and elevate their online presence. He's proud to have connected with so many amazing business owners!

More about Calvin? He's #TeamVirgo, meaning super clean and organized. Always joking, with a real sense of humor ☺︎ Lived in Japan for 6 years during his elementary years and has a true love for the culture. He's often said to look like one of his idols, Prince. Loves live music, having attended 20+ concerts (and counting)! Ultimately, he truly loves waking up every day to create beauty and put it out in the world.

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